Different Colour schemes / themes, pretty please!


I realise purple is the brand colour and that's fair enough, but it would be great if that were just the "default" theme and you could choose other colour scheme options / themes for the app as well, either for personal preference or other reasons. In my case it's an "other reason" I have an OLED with some tint to it. It doesn't show in regular viewing, but it annoyingly shows in the purple colour of the interface.



I’d be willing to pay extra for a dark theme or light theme.

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Channels Carbon Theme - Playground / Hacks - Channels Community (getchannels.com)

Sigh.... I use Apple TV so this isn’t an option.

Same, also using the Apple TV app. I’d like this to be an official feature.

It would be nice

Very sad indeed. Everything in the app in based off of maybe 5 main color variables and a few that don't get used much. The entire apps theme can more or less be changed just by changing a few colors. So yes, very sad that I had to take the app apart and change the colors myself, only to realize that some type of official theme support would be super easy for the devs, since it's all based off of just a handful of colors.


I’m actually surprised themes haven’t been implemented so far. It creates a whole nother type of user engagement with the app.

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Dark mode and custom channel logos, please! Maybe an alternate app icon or two if the devs are feeling fancy :man_shrugging:


I don't necessarily disagree with an option for alternate theme color selections, BUT wanted to say that initially the purple wasn't my favorite, and it has since grown on me. I may find that I miss it if it changes. The option is always good, however.