Channels Carbon Theme





Enable installation from unknown sources

Install Filesynced
CODE: 98767233


Download the .apk and transfer it to your device's internal / accessible storage and open it via a file manager


Type the entire download URL into AFTVDownloader

Updates install as an update, and it can coexist with any Play Store version of Channels



Working great so far on Firestick 4K.


Doesn’t this go against the developers in some fashion?

I saw a post where one developer said have at it.

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Flipping awesome!

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Looks awesome. How do I use it?

You'll have to enable 'unknown sources' and install the .apk from the internal storage of your device. What device do you have?

Hello everyone! New beta, so new update!

updated to 101.14.114
changed logo color

Updated link in the OP

I am furiously searching for what to change to get the selected recording in the list to be gray.
Maybe a dev could chime in?


updated again to 101.15.216
changed tv banner


Ok I will bite. How does this get installed on my TS4K?


What devices does this work on?

These are generalized installation instructions for all Android devices.

First make sure that if you have a Channels DVR Beta currently installed that you uninstall it. Next make sure that you are allowed to install apps from 'Unknown Sources" by looking in:
Settings > Security & Restrictions > Unknown Sources on the TS4k, the location for that setting can vary by device. The setting may be grayed out until developer settings are enabled by clicking on the build version 7 times.

Now you'll need to download the .apk file, transfer to your device, and install it from a file manager, so if you don't already have a file explorer installed or a way to easily transfer files, now's the time to set that up. There's a bunch of different ways to do that, and everyone's preferred method differs. If I'm sending from my phone, I use AndSMB, I'm not sure if the TS4k supports Samba or not. I'm thinking the easiest method will be to use X-plore from the Play Store. So install X-plore on your TS4k, and turn on the wifi server, it'll instruct you how to connect to it. Once you have the .apk transferred over, simply click it in the X-plore file manager and it will prompt you to install.

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Thank you.


Looks good, but is this something that will have to be re-installed after every Channels update?


updated to Beta 101.22.231


I'm new to firestick. Any instructions on how to install it?

Apps2Fire from the play store has been the easiest way for me to install apps on a firestick.