Directory symlinks for local content imports

Doesn't appear that Channels DVR follows directory symlinks for imported local content.
Is this by design?
Synology NAS using Channels DVR Synology package and Docker container.

In order to just import selected movies and shows I want to use the import directory I specified and create directory symlinks in there to the movies and shows I wish to test imports on.

i.e. TV imports directory /volume1/importtest/TV
Then within the /volume1/importtest/TV folder I create directory symlinks to my content like
Friends (1994) points to /volume1/Videos/TV Shows/Friends (1994)
Building Off the Grid (2014) points to /volume1/Videos/TV Shows/Building Off the Grid (2014)

Have you tried hardlinks?

Not supported for directories, only files.

I think I found a workaround.
I can create the symlinks but Channels DVR doesn't follow them.
But by changing a setting it allows a hack

Synology Control Panel > File Sharing > SMB > Advanced Settings > Others
I enabled "Allow symbolic links within shared folders"

Then created a remote CIFS mount on my other NAS pointing to /volume1/importtest on this NAS.
Then created a remote CIFS mount on this NAS pointing to the remote CIFS mount on my other NAS.
And used that as my new import path.

And it works.

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