Disable auto start-over option


I have plenty of times I watch a show almost to the end maybe 10 or 5 minutes before the show finishes. Stop the show come back to it but it starts from the beginning and I have to fast forward to the end. Plus I use a harmony and appletv so this takes forever.

Can you make a option to turn off start from the begging when almost at the end of the show.



A recording is considered watched when more than 95% is played back. That means 1.5min from the end on a 30min show, or 3min from the end of a 60min show.

It should never trigger 5 or 10min before the end. How long are the shows?


CBS sunday morning 90min.

They have nature piece at the very end, and i stop it there to show my wife and come back it starts all over.

Plus other hour long shows sometimes I leave the recording just before the next week preview and when i come back i have to start over.

Another time is if im watching a show kind of live off the dvr and leave during last few minutes waiting for the dvr to finish before i return to the show… it starts over.

Can you make this start over feature and option rather then mandatory?


I’ve been getting bit by this issue a lot lately…

For me, the problem has been when I’m recording an NBA playoff game and watching that same in-progress recording behind live so that I can skip through the commercials. On an NBA game, I always have to add at least an hour end padding since the games always go longer than the guide says. And I think the problem happens when the playback gets into the padded time.

So if I stop playback (to check something in the guide or whatever) when playback is only five minutes into the padding and with 55 minutes remaining in the recording, then come right back to Up Next to resume the playback on the game, it’s nowhere to be found. Scroll down and find it in Recently Recorded, play it from there and it starts over from the beginning.

I think maybe Channels doesn’t take into account any end padding when calculating the 95%.


Correct. I’ll turn off this behavior for Sports recordings.


Cant you make this a user option in the dvr settings page. I would like disable this feature all together for all shows.
Dont be like apple, give some control to the users.


Just curious if this fix ever made it into the DVR and/or Apple TV app? I’m still seeing the same behavior in DVR 2018.06.11.1714 and ATV 3.1.16.


Bumpety bump. Looks like sports recordings still don’t account for padding WRT watch status.


Bumping this once again since it seems I am still seeing the same problematic behavior....


cant we make this an option on the dvr server to turn this off all together
This has to be the one feature I really dislike


Bumping this once again...

@tmm1 Could you please provide an update on the status of this? I'm still seeing the issue in DVR v2018.11.22.0042 and ATV v3.2.12