Disable guide scrollbar when swiping

Currently when on the guide in ATV, swiping for a certain amount of time enables the scroll bar, which allows you to quickly scroll through the guide. The scroll bar itself is great, but this causes a problem for me where I frequently enable the scroll bar when I don't want it enabled. Actually almost every time I am using the guide. Since swiping on the right-edge of the touch pad already scrolls via the scroll bar, I suggest the following change:

  1. Disable the scroll bar scrolling when doing repetitive swipes in the guide
  2. Inform users of the right-hand edge quick scroll capability through a visual or other means

This behavior is built into tvOS and not something we can control

Well that blows. I wonder if anyone else runs into this annoyance.

Have you tried adjusting the sensitivity of the touch pad in the Apple TV settings? It doesn’t remove the scroll bar but it helps reduce how quickly it enables it.

Thanks but that doesn't improve the situation.