Disable Menu Sounds

Is there any way to disable the menu sounds? If not can you guys add a way to disable it? When scrolling through the guide or a long list of recordings the sounds starts to get a bit annoying. I would be very happy to have no sound at all when navigating the menu.


I believe that's a system-level setting. (At least on Android TV and Fire OS, it is.)

You are 100% right. Can't believe I missed that. Thanks!

Where is the setting on FireTV ? I would love to turn off the click sound while browsing the guide. I searched all over, I must be missing it.

Isn't it under display/sounds navigation sounds ?

Settings > Display and Sounds > Audio > Navigation Sounds

For Android TV 9 it's Settings > Device Preferences > Sound > System Sounds

I don't have anything like that on my FireTVs

Manage Sources
    Scan network for tuners
    Add Tuner
    Manage Navigation
    Remote Shortcuts
    Lineup Order
    Quick Guide
    Channel Surfing
    Streaming Quality
    Seek Duration
    Commercial Skipping

It's in the settings in the main FireTV menu not in Channels.

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