Discovery of DVR on Windows fails initially on Channels app launch


With the Service Browser from my iOS device, I notice something a little different this time around. It finds both a _channels_dvr._tcp and a _channels_dvrx._tcp. I don’t remember the “dvrx” last time. When I click on the service for “dvr” it scans but doesn’t find anything. The “dvrx” one finds the box running the DVR right away. I don’t know if that helps?

I can run a wireshark if you still want me to.


This is what I get on my Linux box:
$ avahi-browse -a -t |grep dvr
+ eth0 IPv6 thoth _channels_dvr._tcp local
+ eth0 IPv4 thoth _channels_dvr._tcp local

On the iOS Flame services browser on my iPad I see only the IPv4 advertisement, as the iPad doesn’t have an IPv6 address. (Don’t even know if iOS 11.x supports IPv6.)


Yikes, that dvrx was me testing and not supposed to be in there. I’m building a new DVR beta with fix right now.


I also just emailed you the wireshark file for reference.


I thought that looked new! :smile: I didn’t remember seeing that last time we were troubleshooting. I’m surprised that my other clients are still working (at least last time I checked) if it’s related to that.


New build is ready. Let me know how it works out.


Back in business! 2018.09.22.1800 seems to be good now.


Fantastic. Thanks for all your help testing and your patience as we got to the bottom of this.

I hope things will be stable now, but if you notice any more issues let me know.

I still plan to make the app remember the DVR address so the discovery is not required at all after the first time. But with the latest fixes discovery should be reliable and find the DVR in less than a second.


Same thing happens on my Shield.

What update to i need to install to fix it?



If you’re willing to try beta builds, you can update both the DVR and the Channels client app. To update the DVR if you’re running it on Windows, go to the URL of the DVR from a web browser on a PC. on the Settings tab, hold shift and click the “Check for update” button. That will download the most recent beta build (I’m at 2018.09.22.1800). For the Android TV version of the app, check the post a little further up in this thread that has the links to the Play store beta builds.


What is your server running on? Windows?


Yeah Windows 10


I’m having the same problem but with the mi box on a qnap server. Everything was working okay until a couple of days ago. Not sure what went wrong but none of my miboxes can find the server, but my fire tv can. weird.


The MiBox 3 I just checked is finding our Channels DVR (Synology NAS) just fine.


Which build is your client on? What version firmware are you running on your Mi box?

I was on beta v145 and couldn’t find my server. I left the beta and uninstalled channels and then reinstalled the public release and I’m able to find my server.


Channels Beta 140. Firmware build is OPR6.170623.013.2174.

I’ve got Google Play Services disabled to prevent Xiaomi’s most recent b0rk3d firmware update wrecking my MiBox.

Hmmm… I’ll re-enable Play Services and see if I can fetch just that.


Might wanna make a backup of the v140 apk so you can reinstall later. Beta 140 definitely worked for me, but somewhere between 141 and 145, it started making my server undiscoverable.


Well, it took rebooting the MiBox 3 to get Google’s idiot Play Services working again, but I’m now on Beta 145 and there’s the DVR. Popped-up right away.

Dunno how to back up an apk. Doesn’t much matter. I kinda regard these things as sacrificial boxen, anyway, what with the way Xiaomi’s messed them up.


I figured it out with the help of tmm1. My QNAP NAS doesn’t have ipv6 enabled by default. Once I enabled ipv6 on my nas, I was able to connect to the server on beta 145 using the Mibox as the client. Hopefully this can help out anybody else who may have this issue.


The fix for this issue was released with v2.0.10 of the Android TV app today.