Discovery of DVR on Windows fails initially on Channels app launch


I run the DVR on a Windows 10 machine. Everything works fine, but I notice that when I launch the Channels app from my Shield, it gives me the error screen right away that says it can’t find a DVR on my network. If I let it sit for 5-10 sec., then everything loads (seems like it rechecks on it’s own). I have 3 Shields in my house and it does it on all of them. They are all hard-wired (not wireless) as is the machine running the DVR. Bonjour is open on the Windows Firewall. Not sure what else to check?


After it finally loads, can you go to Player settings tab and click Submit Diagnostics > Other at the bottom?


Will do. Seems to happen once a day … next time I catch it, I’ll do that and let you know. Thanks!


It just did it on my living room TV when I fired it up tonight. Submitted diagnostics for your review. Thanks!


Thanks for the diagnostics!

Can you open Control Panel > Hardware > Power Options > Edit Plan Settings and check what it says under Put the computer to sleep?


Turn off the display: 15 minutes
Put the computer to sleep: Never


Okay thanks. I’m going to work on some improvements to the app to remember the IP of the DVR so it connects instantly. We do something similar on Apple TV.


If you have an Android or iOS phone, try downloading the Bonjour Browser app to see if it shows your DVR and if it has a similar lag before it shows up.


Tried a service browser for Bonjour on both Android and iOS and they both saw the _channels_dvr._tcp service right away.


Very interesting. So the service is fine, it’s just the SHIELD is having trouble finding it for some reason. I’ve noticed similar weirdness on the SHIELD since it upgraded to Oreo.

If you could submit diagnostics again like you did last time, I’d like to compare the two and see if its always the same issue happening.

Also, upgrade to the latest DVR pre-release with some windows and bonjour fixes to see if it improves at all. To upgrade, hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard and click Check for Updates.


Been running 2018.09.19.0236 for several days and seems to have resolved any issues of not being able to discover the DVR from my Shield devices. Not sure what took care of it, but that build seems to have done the trick. Thanks!!


Good to hear. There are more fixes in the latest build so can you update again?

I also made some client side fixes which are available on the beta build of the Android TV app (v145 on About tab). To update use:


I spoke too soon. My living room Shield couldn’t discover the DVR this morning. The Windows DVR is at version 2018.09.21.1704 and the client is running beta-145. I can’t even get in to submit diagnostics. My other Shield running the client beta-144 client seems to still be functioning.


Can you pull the logs using http://x.x.x.x:57000/log and email to me ([email protected])


Sure. Just emailed it over.


I need the logs from the client side, so use the IP if the shield that is stuck with port 57000


Oops…Sorry! Just sent over the client log.


Thanks. I assume Search Again button does nothing?

How about if you quit and restart the app. Click the circle button on the remote twice and then click down to X out the app.


Correct, search again does nothing. I’ve tried quitting the app with the same result.


Okay. Does Service Browser still find the DVR?

Would you feel comfortable running Wireshark on your PC and doing a packet capture for “udp port 5353” and then search again and quit/restart the shield app and save the capture to email it to me.