Discovery options needed!


We need discovery options in the app. Upcoming/recommended movie and tv shows!


As far as I'm aware, this is one of the most difficult things to develop. A recommendation engine (algorithm) based on what you've previously watched is very, very difficult and time consuming to build. It also depends heavily on where Channels sources the metadata for it's guide and how rich that metadata is.

Unless there's a development shortcut I'm not aware of, I'd wager that a feature like this probably never happens.


Channels sources their metadata from Gracenote, which provides most cable services with their metadata.

Channels does offer some recommendations, but only on the WebUI. Log in to your DVR server's UI, and select the "On Later" tab. That is probably what you are looking for.

There has been talk about integrating this into the clients, but this hasn't happened yet.


Good to know. Gracenote is pretty robust and I'd guess there are lots of things in place to fast track this type of effort. Also, I never even realized the web UI had that as I rarely check it, so thanks @racameron for pointing that out. Would be great to see it rolled in to the other clients.