Disney Plus

I tried to use TVE The Walt Disney Company with my Disney Plus account without success. Is there any way to do it? Can you add Disney Plus as a source?

Thank you

I don't think this can be added as a channel because it's behind a paywall. Do they have live content? Your best bet is probably to download the content with a product like AnyStream.

Disney+ is not part of TV Everywhere, I don't believe.

It's not, but the Channels DVR integration that fits the bill here is this: Channels Support - PlayOn Cloud

(PlayOn Cloud supports Disney+ and a whole lot more.)

Disney+ has no live streams to speak of; it is all on demand. You'd either have to use Stream Links or PlayOn integration to get the content into Channels. I use Stream Links and they work perfectly, especially for something as content-stable as Disney+. It's just tedious and long to set up initially.

If you are looking for the Disney Channel or any live channel that is part of the Disney family, you need a cable/OTT subscription in which that channel is part of the package and available for TVE.