Display 4:3 Content in the correct aspect ratio (SHIELD)

I know this has been brought up before, but I’d like to flesh out some details. I use my HDHR Connect Duo with Channels Android TV (Shield Pro), Windows 7 MCE, and Live Channels (Shield Pro).

When using Channels, all the 4:3 channels get stretched to 16:9. On both MCE and Live Channels, the same 4:3 content is shown at the correct aspect ratio.

I’m not sure if the guide data that Live Channels and MCE uses has additional info about the aspect ratio or what, but it does seem to work with out issues. Any ideas about what’s happening here?

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You certain it’s not a setting on your TV? I just checked several stations showing old, pre-widescreen content, and I get the same aspect ratios, or nearly so, from both the TV, directly, and via the MiBox 3 using Channels.

Both Channels app and Live Channels are on the same device, so no input switching, here's what I see:

Channels App:

Live Channels:

Works fine in one, and not in the other.

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Thanks for the details. Will take a look.

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I have the same problem with shows on MeTv channel and others on a SD on a sub-channel.

I have this same exact issue. Would love to have a solution!

Long running raging forest fire on Plex Forums about aspect ratios and Shield's inability to get them right:
^I hope that works - a search at Plex with:
aspect ratio shield
garnered the above, but some sections of the community have circled the wagons... some time ago.

I’ve found that 4:3 aspect ratio displays correctly in Channels when using software rendering, and it correctly switches to 16:9 at ad breaks (a common occurrence in the UK). 4:3 always gets stretched when using hardware rendering.

On Nvidia Shield having it set to "Hybrid" instead of "Hardware" decoding in "Settings|Player" menu fixed the problem. Not sure what the difference is but it seemed like it would be less CPU intensive than "Software" which also worked as well.

It fixes that issue yes, but hybrid caused ghosting or stuttering in the picture on an HD channel on my Shield so I had to go back to hardware.

Same here. Hardware definitely gives the best playback experience except for the 4:3 issue. I wish it could be fixed.

Any updates on getting aspect ratio to switch/display correctly on the Shield with the hardware decoder? The software decoder works, but I still get random micro-judder/stutter that can only be corrected by hitting pause for a few seconds. I don't see this when using the hardware decoder.

Same here! Doesn’t happen on Plex either!

The latest beta app on the Play Store (getchannels.com/beta) adds a Stretch To Fit setting for the Video Player.