Display file sizes and download progress in GB


While I understand that this probably isn’t that useful when home as downloads will tend to be pretty fast, I’ve been away from home for the last few days and I’ve been wishing that channels would tell me the file sizes of shows/movies as well as the amount of data out of data downloaded so far. Right now we only have a pie chart type progress indicator, it would be really useful to have something that said “134mb of 1.34gb downloaded”.

If you do add this, please have it display to the nearest megabyte. (1.34GB etc).

It would also be very useful to know the size of a movie or show before downloading it. I’ve attached some images of what I’d like to see:

It's a bit nerdy and cluttered to put it there, but I think it would be worth giving you a full presentation view for the file details like we do in the web admin.

This way you can get the info you're looking for, without it showing when 95% of the time the information is useless.

Note that if you set the streaming quality for downloads so the video is being converted, then we don't necessarily know what the final file size will be.

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