Display start time & duration without padding

Any chance of getting an option to display the start time & duration for upcoming recordings without the padding included? (i.e. 8:00 PM / 1 hr instead of 7:59 PM / 1 hr 2 min) When a bunch of recordings are lined up back to back it's actually kind of difficult to make sense of the schedule. I'm also getting old.

Which platform and version are you referring to?

Oops, forgot that part. I'm referring to the web admin > DVR > Schedule (v 2020.06.16.1927). It looks like the Android & iOS clients are already doing this.

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Just to confuse things :frowning: I use the times with padding to calculate how many tuners are needed to accommodate overlap due to due padding. No objection to an option to display times without padding, but i'd like to keep the ability to display with padding. Thx!