Distorted audio on ATV

Having an issue with random distorted audio. Sounds like digital trash. Usually it happens once every couple of days. I force quit channels and then reopen it and the problem goes away.

On Thursday it was so bad that it happened every time. I finally went back to an old test flight version, then reinstalled the latest version and it went away then. I submitted diagnostics when it happened. Also it happened on atsc 1 and atsc channels .

Video link here

Is this only with a specific driver?

Also is this happening with with atsc3

Experimental but I switched to default and it happened then too. Atsc 3 and also atsc 1

Hey @tmm1. It happened again last night. I went out and came back into the recording and it played correctly the second time. I submitted diagnostics.

Could it be the match frame rate? Sometimes when the tv is switching, I hear an audio pop and then it sounds like trash. I'm using Earc via the ATV plugged directly into hdmi1 on the TV and then hdmi3 to the marantz.

@tmm1 it happened again last night, on an imported show. The audio was garbled so I force quit channels on ATV. Then opened the show back up again but the problem persisted. I did that a couple of times then I tried a couple more recorded shows. They all had the audio issue, both imports and recorded shows. Finally I tried quitting channels and then playing something on discovery plus. Then I exited discovery plus and reopened channels and the show played fine. I submitted diagnostics right after I fixed it.

I experienced this today with an old recording from my PRIME. I think it has to do with audio switching between stereo and surround when it goes in and out of commercials.

For me it happened when the commercial skip automatically jumped ahead. I was able to fix it by seeking back a bit.

It only happens for me when starting a recording. Skipping ahead or back doesn't seem to do any good