Diy now Magnolia

Can you please update the icon for DIY to Magnolia?

It updated for me already..

I had the same issue so what I did was go into the Channels DVR Server settings under Guide Database and in the dropdown hit Refresh Station Logos. After that I had to force quit the app on my Apple TV for it to show up (force quitting with out refreshing the logos didn't work).

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wtf? So weird. How annoying and confusing for people that for decades want and watch DIY channel and the specific shows on it.
When did this happen?
It still shows as DIY on Philo for recent past aired saved episodes of my family favorite shows.
Live shows this Magnolia, wtf is that mean, that is Best Buy's Home Theater brand.

IIRC, It was announced summer of 2020. The original transition was supposed to happen Q1 2021, but was first pushed back to summer 2021, and then again until its eventual launch on 5 Jan, 2022. they expect people to follow websites and articles like that.

Have not seen any banners or commercials even informing of the change over, so it was a surprise.
Was wondering why i was being bugged today about DIY going missing on the few DVRs i have setup for my household and a few friends/neighbors.

Just waiting for Fox to rename themselves Giraffe Network or something....that would throw my folks for a loop. :rofl:

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