Dizquetv Channel Logos not showing IOS

I am not sure if anything changed overnight but my custom dizquetv channel logos had been showing perfectly fine until this morning.

They do populate correctly on the server/web guide however for whatever reason they are now showing as blank on IOS apps. Ipad and Iphone. Anyone else having this issue? Thoughts? Advice? Thanks

Been racking my brain trying to figure out why my channel logos stopped populating. Is there anyway I can troubleshoot this?

You could submit diagnostics from the app and contact support

Do they work on the dvr web UI in iOS Safari? There you can tap hold the image to copy url and ensure it's correct.

Yes they do populate on the web ui. And they populate from the browser url. Just nothing on the IOS app. But everything worked 2 days prior. Diagnostics just submitted through the app.

Can you copy paste one of the URLs?

So from what it seems the issue is accessing remotely wont pull the images that are stored at the local dizquetv image folder. Even though ChannelsDVR can access the dizquetv data and files locally to play remotely there is some setback with accessing the image its self.

I attempted to store the images publicly and link dizquetv to those public http web addresses but the images come back as broken in dizquetv even though they pull fine in the web browser.

Any future improvements to allow ChannelsDVR to access local image files to pull to the remote view?

For those interested the work around here for me was the following.

dizquetv utilizing hosting on internal network. I had to download the M3U from dizquetv and past as text into custom channel in ChannelsDVR.

I then had to edit the "logo" link address

I utilized https://freeimage.host/ uploaded my custom made channel logos, located the direct image link and pasted into the "logo" link address in the custom channel text in Channels DVR.

The custom logos now show up correctly locally and remotely.

The End