Docker and eplus tv install Raspberry Pi 3

  1. Use raspberry pi imager to create a sd card with the 64bit os with desktop
    under options gear you can activate ssh and put in wifi info. username default is pi and password is raspberry

You will need a mouse and keyboard. if you use putty you can ssh directly and copy and paste these codes to the pi. You will need the ip address of raspberry pi.

  1. Open terminal on the raspberry pi os 64 bit will not work with 32 bit system need a raspberry pi 3 or newer. im using a 32gb sd card. this uses about 5-6gb total. my old raspberry pi was using 32 bit os and that is the default setting on install. have to chose the 64 bit.

  2. updates the os and makes sure its all ready

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

  1. pulls the docker image and installs
    curl -fsSL -o

if that doesn't work type this next, it will let you know if is already installed. no need if installs docker. cancel the install if prompted

sudo sh

  1. This allows access to the default user

sudo usermod -aG docker pi

  1. reboot system now or power cycle

  2. This will let you know if working correctly
    docker run hello-world

  3. this command shows what containers are active and the name should be none at this point
    docker ps

  4. This will start the eplus tv service, prompt you to enter codes to activate the paid services you subscribe to and will restart it anytime the raspberry pi is rebooted or power cycled. use a pc or phone to enter the codes and login information also starts the channels at 7000 so they are at bottom of the guide. This adds espn plus, fox sports .

docker run --restart always -p 8000:8000 --name espn -v config_dir:/app/config -e MAX_RESOLUTION=UHD/HDR -e NUM_OF_CHANNELS=200 -e START_CHANNEL=7000 -e ESPNPLUS=true -e ESPN3=true -e SECPLUS=true -e SEC=true -e ESPN=true -e ESPN_PPV=true -e ACCN=true -e ACCNX=true -e ESPN2=true -e ESPNU=true -e ESPNEWS=true -e LONGHORN=true -e FOXSPORTS=true -e FOXSPORTS_ALLOW_REPLAYS=true -e MLBTV=true -e MLBTV_USER=userid -e MLBTV_PASS=password -e MLBTV_ONLY_FREE=true m0ngr31/eplustv:latest

will show the activation process, search for programing. v2.0.21

  1. should show active eplus tv

docker ps

  1. how to add Channels DVR add source m3u. i have mine set to refresh daily.

http://local host:8000/channels.m3u

http://local host/xmltv.xml

refresh hourly

Now refresh the xmltv guide and make sure and refresh the m3u channels.
add the channels collections to make the sports integrate only the channels that are active with games and events . There is a feed that discusses this in detail.

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Thanks, I'm going to try and modify to use this with my NAS as I'm not as PC literate as I once was 20 years ago.

I change the name of the container after starting using this
docker rename (current container) espn

docker ps
lists all active containers

If you change providers or change a login password. you have to log in to the raspberry pi root system using su .

Just loggin with the root passwd
First change the root passwd
sudo passwd root
Then on your pi account type su - in the terminal
Then you are in the root account and can edit any file

enter password root

docker ps will list the containers running

docker container inspect (name of container)
You will find this directory listed mid way down

cd /var/lib/docker/volumes/config_dir/_data
rm *.json files

restart container
will give new codes to authenticate the feeds

keep up to date on new releases
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

docker stop espn
docker rm espn

current container i run on a pi 3 works great. the 4k stuff is still iffy.

docker run --restart always -p 8000:8000 --name espn -v config_dir:/app/config -e NUM_OF_CHANNELS=200 -e START_CHANNEL=7000 -e USE_LINEAR=true -e ESPN=true -e ESPN2=true -e ESPNU=true -e ESPNEWS=true -e SEC=true -e ESPNPLUS=true -e ESPN3=true -e SECPLUS=true -e ACCN=true -e ACCNX=true -e FOXSPORTS=true -e ESPN_PPV=true m0ngr31/eplustv:latest