Docker for Synology and Channels

I am completely new to this so please bear with me. I did not know what Docker was until getting Channels.

My Channels DVR is running on a Synology DS720+ NAS. Native package.

I found a docker package and installed it. Then I put the channels package from fancy beats. Then what? My guess is I will have to somehow use channels DVR from Docker, and not from Channels native package for Synology DSM?

The main reason for messing with this is the ability to add my ESPN+ subscription to Channels,, and probably other stuff.

Thank you!

A little confused by exactly what you’re asking - but you don’t need to run channels inside a docker container in order to run other docker containers that enable custom channels. Run channels server from wherever you want via whatever installation method you want.

I’m pretty sure docker is going to use more resources and add more complications than you’re looking for. Why not just use the native Synology package?

That’s what I am using. The Channels native Synology package. But I want to be able to do things like this:

You can. One has nothing to do with the other.

That espn thing is a docker container that takes your espn plus credentials and uses them to create linear channels out of whatever may be streaming that day. It exposes via http an m3u file and a guide file that you use as inputs with the custom channels feature of your channels setup.

It does not matter how or where you run your channels server.

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Awesome! I am glad my Channels server remains unaltered, where is.

Now that I have the Synology Docker, what do I do?

Take 30 mins to read through some intro to docker websites to understand what you’ll be doing. Will save you hours of frustration and question asking.

Then just tinker around and try different things out.

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