Does anyone want color UI option?

Can you add a option in settings to change the color of the UI Royal Blue/ Ruby Red / Amber Yellow / Transparent Black this would be a nice addition to the UI Does anyone agree with me on this one ? We need to vote on this as customer of channels DVR software

I think the default color palette is very pleasing, but it would be nice to have different options to play with.

+1 from me.

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I would love additional theme options.

There is only one valid color theme that should exist.....BLACK.

Edit: U se browser extension Dark Reader to make the web UI dark or black....sadly, there is no way to change the UI of the apps on client devices etc.

Someone mentioned they had success changing UI colors by changing the code in the Channels DVR apk file. Sounds complicated but if you're aware of such things you could probably do it too.

I think if you are using the Android Channels app then you can access the apk and change the ui color. I don’t think that those of us on the Apple TV have any options unless the developers decide to offer it.

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It seems like there are a couple threads voting on this already, you should point to one of them that already has more votes.

Since you asked us all to vote, I don’t see any need to change, I spend so little time in the UI and so much actually watching that I don’t care. Prioritize tv show imports!

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Yup, threads all over about it. They won't change it.

I keep mentioning that I’d even be willing to pay extra $$$. Who doesn’t want a little extra money to help with development?!?

The people who want different UI options can pony up a few extra bucks to unlock it. I’m not sure how easy that is to implement but there are a ton of other “apps” that offer this model. The squeaky wheel gets the grease - I’m going to keep asking for the features I’d like to see. Isn’t that why they have this community forum?