Does tvg-logo have to be a PNG?

I have setup a custom channel for my RTSP cameras.
I thought it would be cute to use a snapshot picture from my cameras as the channel logo or channel art... (yes i know for the latter it has to be 4x3).

the URL for the JPEG picture is http://user:[email protected]/Streaming/channels/1/picture

  1. can the logo art be a JPEG format or does it have to be PNG?
  2. if it can be JPEG any idea what the path doesn't work (note that is not a file name, but browsers seem to work fine with that path)

Just a SWAG, but maybe it doesn't like the fact it needs a username:[email protected]_address and doesn't end in .jpg or .png

username and password is standard http access mechanism (no different to the rtsp link, which works), i included it so somone with more knowledge than me could point out if it its an actual problem

and i noted the path issue - so not sure what you are trying to say other than repeat everything i already said?

Can i assume you are just making the same guesses i already made or do you know for definitive this isn't supported?

That's what SWAG meant

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I'm not certain, but I think I remember a previous post indicating your URL must be served via HTTPS.

(I know the guide picture does not need to be PNG, but I'm not certain about the logo. However, it looks like you're using a camera still as your logo, which to me doesn't make much sense, as the logo is so small. What I've done is use a PNG of a press shot my camera model on a clear/alpha background as the logo.)

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well that makes a lot of sense, thanks, will do some tests

i like the idea of the press shot - the only reason for using the snapshot was to have a thumbnail that represented the scene - makes it easy for the wife, i can workaround by just creating a static PNG as the cameras show the same thing, day in, day out, ! :slight_smile:

You may want to check out the docs for custom channels, and the differences for logos, guide images, etc.

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Thanks, yeah that’s the doc i used before I asked the question.

Interestingly seems it was always working in the web guide after I pathed the picture to the latest camera snapshot, I only just noticed! The channels app doesn’t have the same behavior.