Does Wave use DRM on their CableCard channels?

Comcast has finally realized that they've been failing to meter my data usage over the past few years, so I'm now no longer immune from their 1.2TB monthly cap...

I've been thinking about changing cable providers, and wanted to know if anyone has experience using a Wave (formerly known as Astound)-issued CableCARD with HDHomeRun Prime. Their pricing for unmetered internet seems much better than what Comcast is offering.

Does anyone here know...

  • How painful is the process of getting a CableCARD issued?
  • Do they DRM their channels?

Apologies if these questions are already answered somewhere... "Wave" is not a super salient brand name to search for online, so I haven't been able to find any great answers about that part.

I'd assume if they sell and support TiVo's they should provide and support cablecards.
Did you call their 800# and ask?

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They didn't have DRM where I live. We ended up leaving wave because the cost kept going up for TV. The service was fine and the selection was fine too, we just didn't like the constant price increases with no new features/channels. The internet was ok. We had 1gig service and it worked most of the time. Their service would go down a couple times a year.

Anyhow, we switched to Philo and Sling for a total of $55/month and between those and our antenna, we get everything we had with Wave. We also went with our local fiber ISP and haven't had any problems... yet.

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Thanks for the info!

Ultimately I think I'm going to have to stick with Comcast for now... apparently Wave doesn't serve my part of the city, and none of the fixed-wireless ISP's can reach my apartment, so my only choices are Comcast or DSL :sob:.