Double NAT and remote DVR access


I believe this has been covered before but I can't get remote DVR to work.

I have a double NAT set up which is unavoidable because my Eero router does not "do" PPPOE. So the Eero has to sit behind an Archer router/cablemodem.

I have tried so far the following without success.

  1. Opened port forwarding 8089 from Archer to the Eero and opened port forward 8089 from the Eero to the device hosting the DVR. (I have used a port checker to confirm that both ports are open)

  2. Activated DMZ on the Archer for the Eero router.

Anything more I can try?


Why do you have another router behind your Internet border router? Let the Internet border router do any routing necessary and let your LAN be what we call "flat": Everything in the same address space.


As @jseymour is saying. The Eero router likes to be the main router. To do this with your setup you would need to put the Archer Router/Cablemodem in "BRIDGE" Mode which means it is acting ONLY as a Modem and then allowing Eero to be the ONLY Router. If you can do this you will be much happier.


A DMZ is usually enough. What does show when loaded over LTE?