Download quality resolution options

It would be great to also have resolution options (like the web player options) for mobile streaming and downloads. 1mbps at 4K vs 1mbps at 720p, the 720p video will look better on my phone, particularly in moments of action.

I’m aware this is currently in beta, wasn’t sure whether to post here or in the beta section.

When you select a bitrate, we pick the appropriate resolution to give the best over-all experience based on published guidelines from Apple and Netflix.

I tried changing the download quality via the global settings but no matter which option I select, the download to my phone is always the same size. Is there a way to reduce the quality to conserve space on my ipad?

Can you provide more detail? This is working properly for me.

Downloads that have already been started or completed are not impacted by changes to this setting.

I just updated the channels app on my phone and it appears to be working correctly.