Download to Apple TV?

Hello! I finally got an Apple TV, just as I had to travel for work. I brought it with me but the hotel internet is horrible. I have a router but the wired connection is about 8mbps anyway. I’m trying to watch a recorded football game but it’s nearly unwatchable.

I just wanted to confirm that I’m not missing something. Is there any way to download shows from the internet to the Apple TV or at least let it build a large buffer?

Two things:

  1. You can change the quality setting, such that the resolution/bitrate is lower to allow for better streaming, and
  2. You can start watching, but pause it immediately; it will continue to stream/download the content in the background.
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Ahh thank you. I thought I tried pausing it but now that you mention it I don’t think I have it nearly enough time. I’ll try it again for a much longer period.

I’m used to my chromecast which couldn’t be paused long at all.

No offense, but a Chromecast (other than those with "Google TV") are nothing more than conduits. They host nothing real in their own, and only exist to allow you to stream content though Google's own APIs (and possibly their own servers, noting the content of your streams ...)

I agree with that, but for most apps they work very well. I bought the Apple TV at the suggestion here for the best Channels experience. It’s more fussy than some other apps.

I can confirm that pausing it doesn’t help the quality. It’s definitely saving the buffer because fast forwarding is instant, but the stream is as bad as watching it live.

This implies the problem is with the source, not Channels.

Ahh. I didn’t think of it until you mentioned it. I’ll bet it recorded OTA instead of TVe. I thought I removed the weak channels but that makes sense. Thank you.

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