Downloading DVR content for offline viewing...OTA only (no cable)

When I used to use TiVo, one feature my wife and I really enjoyed, was the ability to stream AS WELL AS download recorded shows to our iOS device. The video content was viewable on the TiVo app. We could download a series of shows to our devices, and when on a plane ride we can start a marathon.

It would be nice if this feature would be possible. Just throwing that out there. There are very many benefits that this could bring. What do you think?


I just edited the subject to reflect that I am only talking about OTA recording, not QAM (cableTV). I am aware that cable companies would most certainly NOT be on board with this.

This is a planned feature but not currently available. The recording files on your DVR are freely accessible and you could copy them to your iPhone/iPad with VLC or other video player apps for now.


Thanks for this question. And thanks for that answer.
Now I can watch TV on the train to work!

New to Channels and loving it!

I’ve quit all streaming services and even ditched $$ home internet. The only thing I really need is guide data and my iPhone hotspot is just fine for downloading guide data to my MacBook Pro DVR.

I would be very interested in this as a feature as well. Is it still in the pipeline? Thanks

We’ve always had plans for it, but no timeline. We want that feature too.

I too am interested in downloading recordings to Android tablet for offline viewing. Where on the NAS are they stored? I have a volume ony Synology NAS volime1/D:\Channels_DVR but can't map to it as a file share.

I'd love to download my recordings to my tablet to watch them offline when I am travelling. +1 v te

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Downloads and offline watching have gone into beta. You can read more about it here: