Dozens of TVe channels show "notAuthorized" with Spectrum for provider

I just noticed that about 25 different channels show "notAuthorized" when viewing on Apple TV app and when trying to Rescan on the Channels DVR settings web page.

I have upgraded the DVR to the latest version.

My provider is Spectrum in Alabama. Anyone else experiencing this lack of authorization on TVe using Spectrum?


Spectrum in Kentucky here and having no issues.

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I have Vidgo, but ran into a similar problem. I was able to fix it by deleting Vidgo (source) and re-adding it on the Channels DVR Setting page.

It's an older thread, I know, but my internet provider is also Spectrum. I still get the same issue every month and have to apply the same fix every month. It seems to happen a day or two after my payment to Video processes. I'll follow up with Vidgo to see if this is a known issue, and encourage them to fix it.