DRM and Verizon FIOS in Northern New Jersey


I am in Northern NJ (Bergen County) and I am thinking of switching my TV provider to Verizon's FIOS service, because I've heard it is better about not using DRM.

I have an HDHR Prime and was wondering if anyone had any experience with a similar setup, as I would like to know which channels are DRM restricted.

On my current Optimum setup, I can only get about 100 out of my 400 channels DRM free.



So I'm not Northern NJ, I'm Hudson Valley NY- but I think we're all on the same FIOS hub in NYC. Other than pay channels (like HBO, etc) the only DRM channel that FIOS has is- for some reason- Fox news. I use Channels on an ATV with a cable card. So if you really wanted to see that, get the app... Who knows the future, but for the last 2 years channels has worked great.. (I don't use DVR either- with ATV you can just watch past shows using the app- like past Animal Planet shows, use the Animal Planet app, past CBS shows, CBS app, etc.).