DRM - Could Channels play DRM ch but disallow Recording

Restricting Copying of recordings might be a stretch based on how Channels stores Recordings.
But maybe, at least, if Channels could prove to NextGen they did not allow recording of DRM channels at all,
at least you could watch from the Guide as always, and with (I think) up to a 4 hour buffer, not so bad.
and not have to use the Chrome Capture etc... but that would still be there for those that want it to Record.
I know there are Stream Links, but that exits Channels to another app, using from the Guide is so much nicer.
Developers: Is this possible? It's not much different from what Stream Links does.

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All this depends on what SiliconDust can do with their tuners right now they cannot PLAY DRM and channels relies on the HDHR Units to watch OTA so for now Channels DVR is at a loss on what can and will be done.

So Basically, at the moment Channels DVR has nothing to do with ATSC 3.0 DRM ... but wait.

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Well I guess I'm saying to NOT use HDHR to get the OTA channel which, as you say, is a problem for DRM channels, but a "Stream Link" in the background which is legal and requires proper credentials...
and pull it directly into Channels.
So when you click on a program in the Guide, it behind the scenes goes to that channel in the Stream LInk
and brings it into Channels without actually exiting to the NBC etc app.
It requires work behind the scenes by the developers of course IF that would be possible.
Just thinking out loud looking for a solution to at least Watch (with 4 hr buffer maybe) via the Guide
which is legal and possible with the Stream LInked app,
this seems possible to me IF playing a DRM is acceptable to NextGen which it obviously is now using the appropriate NBC etc app, without any Recording of their precious content.
But YES, If silicon dust can at least allow pass thru of a DRM ch for Watchng then GREAT,
but I think I read along the way that 3rd party apps like Channels do not inherit the right to play DRM,
you would only have that within the Silicon Dust app.

Would not surprise me, the way the trend is going, ATSC3.0 favoring DRM, and TVE channels, one by one, slowly also changing over to use DRM...that software's, home DVR's will be come useless or require certain paid licenses that have excessive restrictions and/or expensive specific hardware to function.

Live TV is not very popular these days, most users use a DVR function for many reasons, like they are at work, or busy at x time of the day/night when the show airs. Cloud DVR services, etc. are the future and, maybe 5yrs, 10yrs, from now, will be the only option.

Enjoy what you have while it lasts.

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