DRM Protected ATSC 3.0 Channels

That is not the Problem the Some Rogue Channels appear even though they are not on the WEB page of the HDHomeRun device.... so, you cannot disable something that is not there.

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I'll be shocked if we see any sort of solution this year. SDs track record on DRM support is not very good, despite their promises.

It's all here: Encryption - Silicondust

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From Silicondust ....

We have provisional approval from A3SA for a DRM approach that meets A3SA objectives while allowing customers to watch/record TV. The implementation is under active development right now - both the A3SA and Silicondust parts of the solution.

Encryption - Page 9 - Silicondust

"for HDHR app only" ATM

It is not even that. SD says they are in discussions for their own DRM implementation. I think SiliconDust is as likely to have their own DRM implementation approved by the A3SA as they are to actually get their long–promised CableLabs certification for DRM recordings.

After a decade of empty promises, SD is all talk without any real action.


The two are vastly different. There is no comparison.


I was not comparing the standards.

I was comparing SiliconDust's track record with promising recording for DRM cable broadcasts with their ability to negotiate some new as yet undefined DRM protocol for ATSC3.

Yes, the standards and processes are different and cannot be compared. But SiliconDust's inability to deliver upon previous promises certainly has bearing upon their promise for similar situations in the present.

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I believe this time they will deliver... and they will partner with freecast.

Terms need to be properly defined here, if this is what you are stating.

As I understand it, FreeCast/FreeView is used to mean OTA signals in the UK received by aerial (DVB-T/2), and FreeSat are for UK–based DVB-S signals.


I am in the USA not in UK don't know squat about UK FreeCast.... and do not care to know.

You must be a Catholic, because that is more faith than I can ever muster.

Between their constant removal of any post that mentions their name in a poor fashion, their constant promises that have never delivered, their incredibly poor UX that is worse than any Jr. High CompSci class ...(and their belief that their "Discovery" and "Slice" UIs were the future), they have delivered nothing.

(You may not remember, but DRM viewing was supported across many platforms; then was suddenly removed by SD for no reason. They have slowly added it back, but their platform support has been lacking, and their UX has gone down the gutter.)

What the heck does religion have to do with this get a life geez.


I don't have a lot of faith in SiliconDust myself because of their track record over the years, but their entire business is at stake if they can't make ATSC3 viable on their hardware so they should be highly motivated to get this working.

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Same here, that has no affect at all on whether Channels picks it up.

The beta install rectifies this issue if you wan't to try that.

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Is FreeCast and Silicondust partnering ....??? - Silicondust