Dropped frames/stuttering video when starting a channel


Hi Channels team! I'm having an issue where when I switch channels, there's some stuttering/frame drops and audio drops for the first minute or so of watching, then it seems to taper out. Signal quality and strength on the station as well as the internet connection seems good, so I'm trying to troubleshoot what the issue may be. Let me know what information you need to help troubleshoot--I just upgraded today to a HDHomeRun Extend in the hopes that a hardware decoder would assist me.


What type of playback hardware are you using?

I had something similar when using Amazon Fire Sticks (non-4K version), which ever generation it was just before the 4K stick. I didn't have audio issues as you describe, but I definitely had some frames dropping as the video was noticeably stuttering, usually right after resuming from a commercial skip. All of my sticks are connected to the network via ethernet, so there weren't any network lag issues at play. I figured at the time it was just the ever so slightly under-powered hardware of the fire stick. I could usually correct it by backing up the video a little bit to give the buffer a chance to catch up again, although some times it would take several attempts. And it didn't happen every time after resuming playback either.

So now that I read my own response, I'm not sure it is the same issue. Based on it going away after a minute or so makes me think that the hardware of the playback device might not be able to keep up until the local buffer has enough data cached to make everything run smoothly.

For me, when I upgraded to 4K sticks, the issue went away. Not sure if any of this helps you, but I figured I would pass on my experiences.


Thanks for replying! I'm using the 4K Apple TV, and it is a wireless connection at present. My hope was that someone smarter than me could look at the logs and just see what it's doing. :slight_smile:


You could submit logs from settings on the ATV then email [email protected] so they know what they are looking at


I had this same issue with my ATV4K and after some troubleshooting it turned out to be an issue with my HDHomeRun Prime box. I simply power cycled it and everything worked smoothly.