Dropping Frames Air Playing

I am having issues when air playing to my Apple TV. It will drop frames every once in a while when playing a show from my iPad mini that I have downloaded offline. My Apple TV doesn’t have Wi-Fi turned on because I’m in a rural area at the time for work and have downloaded offline from my cellular iPad mini. But can’t seem to figure out what’s causing the drop frames.


You’re using screen mirroring, so I’d expect this as screen mirroring is basically recording the video on the screen and sending it over AirPlay.

Channels doesn’t support regular AirPlay that you’re used to using in other apps, again, you’re using screen mirroring. This is different.

Gotcha. I have since tested with Plex and other apps and it’s still doing it. I just now since just using a USB-C to HDMI and it’s working fine. I just wish the Apple TV didn’t drop frames. Gotta contact support at Apple to see what’s going on.