Dtv gemini herkey jerkey

On my dtv gemini boxes channels plays hdhomerun channels in slow motion with normal audio. tve and m3u channels are fine. I do not run into this issue with the silicondust app. my server is an hpe ml110 with an nvidia a2000 and a x550-t2 nic. I am using a samsung 980 as my channels drive. my tuners are 2x hdfx-4k running the latest firmware. I am using ui and netgear switches. I have jumbo packet enabled and flow control disabled. Any advice is welcome. thanks.

Tried a whole bunch of settings, installed the beta app. cleared app data. no luck. I submitted diagnostics. Any advice is welcome. thanks.

Try changing the video decoder to "Software" in the client app settings

that was one of the settings I tried over the weekend

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I think I figured it out although the fix is a little odd. I disabled surround sound in the app settings.