Dual buffers would be nice

I've used double clicking of the play button for a while to simulate dual-live-buffers (without the buffer). I really wish Channels would do this, but i know it's a big break from the current model.

The double-click play button for "last channel" is a great feature, but I wish there were at least two live buffers to go along with it. I'm switching to a HDHomeRun Flex & ChannelsDVR from a 4-tuner off-air TiVo Bolt and really miss that functionality. The TiVo's off-air tuner is its weak spot as it is ATSC 1 only and finds 50 local channels (Charlotte NC) while the HDHomeRun Flex finds 62 channels (including the 5 local ATSC 3.0 channels). The Flex has two ATSC 3.0 and two ATSC1 tuners so 3 of its tuners are always inactive unless you're watching one channel while recording a different one.

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I would love it if there were two buffers running. My Comcast DVR used to do this and it was particularly great during football season.

Even with just one buffer, it would be nice if the last channel could stay connected for a while so the channel change would be fast. I have plenty of tuners that mostly go unused.

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Oh no, now you got me thinking about slomotion playback for football season as a feature again.


I don't know how easy that would be to implement but if it ever is I would finally be able to get myt wife off the old old comcast DVR and fully on channels.

It's more of a pain (to set up and clean up after) but you can get infinite buffers if you just record everything you are going to be interested in. Live TV isn't something the devs are interested in focusing time on (and while it used to bother me I sort of get it now).

We definitely do care about Live TV, there's just a lot of different things that go into being able to do something like multiple buffers that are much more complicated for a solution like ours (with network tuners) compared to a TiVo box.