Dual DVR servers?

I think there are lots of us using Channels DVR for a remote connection who would also benefit from a double server option. Being able to connect to 2 servers (one local, one remote, or maybe 2 remote servers) would be great for expats, second houses etc... Is this something feasible or in your road plan?

You can Install as many servers locally as you like but only one can have Remote Access.

But it looks like I can't mix a local server and a remote server. one the app discovers the local DVR server, I get kicked out of my remote server...

What do you mean by MIX ? are you talking about seeing the recordings in both servers ?

Yeah, the same way the Channels app can mix a remote DVR server with a local HDHR tuner and the app knows where to pull the stream from when you tune into a channel. This would be one step further: pull the stream and allow recording, remote or locally, depending on the source.

I just setup the Raspberry PI server to test it out and it works great! Congratulations on making the setup quick and easy. I am running it along side my Synology NAS server with Channels IOS clients. It would be great if the client app had a way to add a second server manually, by IP address/Name. So, we could easily just open the app, go to settings and select a server to connect.

Just a suggestion for the future.

Thanks for all of your work and patience.