Duplicate Channel Numbers - Different Sources


I have both my YouTube TV and Frontier Communications accounts as TVE sources (listed in that priority order.) I expected to see some overlap in channels. What I didn't expect was they'd have the same channels numbers. All the "basic cable" channels are numbered the same - Comedy Central, FX, AMC, etc.

With YTTV now available in 5.1Surround, I'm looking to switch out (as many as possible) those channels from Frontier to YTTV.

Do I need to go through and hide the Frontier channels that I want to swap out for YTTV channels or is there a better method that I'm not aware of?

While you may get DD/5.1 in the YouTube app, Channels does not use those streams. Channels only uses streams from the network websites, which are still only stereo. The only difference between Frontier and YTTV as TVE sources is which credentials are used. Otherwise, there is absolutely no difference in the stream.

As far as channel numbers, you are likely seeing "stacking", which the apps will do to consolidate guide entries from different sources into a single item. To change how/if this happens, in your client app go to Settings > Manage Sources > Manage Lineup > Stack Duplicates.

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Ok. I understand what you're saying & appreciate the quick response. Still actively educating myself on all things Channels. Everytime I think I got something down, I tinker around & discover something new. Old dog learning new tricks.

Thank you for clarifying that for me.

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