Duplicate Recording icon/Wrong date

Whenever I Record anything I end up with a four digit numbered duplicate icon for the same episode, and it also usually has a weird date in1969. Please see the attached photos.

What is the source of the recording, and how was it scheduled? Is this OTA? And if so, has guide data properly been set for the devices in the DVR web UI?

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The source is TVE, And I scheduled it via channels on the Apple TV. Isn’t the guide data already correct, since it was automatically downloaded when I logged in using my TVE credentials? I apologize in advance for being kind of a noob….

A date of 12/31/69 is essentially equal to zero (1/1/70 is 0s, which is the start of the Unix epoch; this is what dates are internally recorded as.) If there is no episode number or original air date associated with an item, that is what is shown.

I wonder, have you also setup local content imports? And if so, pointed your import to your actual DVR library? I seem to recall something like you're showing as the result of using your DVR storage location as your local import path.

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@racameron I’ve got the DVR folder within the TV shows folder, which is also where I imported my non-channels TV shows. Maybe that’s the problem? Should I move the DVR folder elsewhere? I’m so excited to finally get everything in order, and really appreciate all of your help. :grinning:

That's exactly the issue. Move that folder out of your imported path, as having a DVR directory there messes with Channels. Instead, point the imports directly to the "TV Shows" and "Movies" directories inside the DVR folder.

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