Duplicate scheduled recording bug

Found a dvr scheduling bug.
On the Android client running on my galaxy note 20
View the guide

Select a program to record

Go back to guide and select the show you just scheduled and modify a parameter (I modified the padding section) by clicking adjust recording options

Change the option

Now you have record as your only option to save your changes, not update. When you click record, it actually schedules 2 instances of the same show. I verified that both actually record and are available in the dvr.

I believe this is because recordings manually scheduled from the guide are one-off, and those can be duplicates.

If instead you select the upcoming recording from Settings > Scheduled, does it behave as you expect?

Nah it's scheduled twice and records twice. No way to edit the one off recording without creating a duplicate.

This must be specific to the non-Android TV version, then. This does not occur with version 106.25.56 on Android TV.

(Have you checked that you are indeed running the latest beta?)

Edit: As a test, I manually created two recordings from the guide. I then chose to modify those recordings in two different ways:

  1. Selected the program in Guide, and used the "Adjust Options" to modify the program; and
  2. Selected the program in the Scheduled Recordings, and used the "Adjust Options" to modify the program.

In each case, only one copy of the requested program showed in the schedule. Also, when the recordings were to begin, only a single copy of each recording was made.

To aid your support request/bug report, here is what I recommend you do:

  1. Ensure that all relevant software is up-to-date
  2. Note the version numbers of your server, client, OS, tuner firmware (if OTA)
  3. Start from a clean slate: restart all relevant parts of the workflow, so nothing is left in the cache that might affect the process
  4. What is the minimal number of steps needed to reproduce this error, and write those down
  5. Can you then follow the aforementioned steps to reliably reproduce the problem