DVB tuning issues on latest release


I am having black screen issues as well. This has happened for a week now and seems completely random. When tuning to a channel, I only see black screen and loading wheel. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get channel to show up properly.

Latest Update not working 3.2.14 (Legacy tuners showing black screen on channel change)

My device is HDHR3-EU cable device.


I'm not sure but I feel that this black screen problem has come more common now and is coming up about 30% of channel changes...

I made a support ticket about this earlier and have sent a few logs of problems as requested.


What country are you in?




Any news on this issue, it's getting really annoying? Our AppleTV/Channels mediacenter WAF is decreasing rapidly :grin:


Fix coming in the next release.


3.2.15 is out with the fix!