DVD not working on new Shield device


I bought a Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 to replace my 2017. When I booted for the first time, I got a prompt to upgrade to Shield experience 9.0.0, and I did.

I installed Channels DVD server, but I was unable to make it work. I went into my browser with the IP and port number, but nothing happened.

So I reinstalled my old device, and my DVD is still working. Thank god...

The only major difference between the 2 devices is the old one is not updated (still on Shield experience 8.2.2) while the new one is with 9.0.0

How do I make it work? Is it a bug with the update? And downgrading the shield is not an easy task...

See DVR server not working after Shield 9.0.0 update

Thanks. I will look the other thread and wait for resolution.

More info here.