DVR: API JSON changes (v2021.07.12.1959)

Starting with v2021.07.12.1959, a small change has been made to the json output of the private DVR API.

Previously blank values were always included in the JSON output. Now empty values are skipped:

   "ID": "10009",
   "JobID": "1615186770-300",
   "RuleID": "300",
   "GroupID": "8030703",
   "Path": "TV/KSBY News at 11/KSBY News at 11 2021-03-07-2259.mpg",
-  "Checksum": "",
   "CreatedAt": 1615186770,
-  "Watched": false,
-  "Deleted": false,
-  "PlaybackTime": 0,
   "Duration": 2010.459644,
-  "Commercials": null,
-  "Delayed": false,
-  "Corrupted": false,
-  "Cancelled": false,

This is a heads up for anyone using custom scripts or integrations with the API, to check and make sure your code is still working with the latest prerelease.


Thanks very much for posting this! I wasn't sure what had happened when I started getting key errors in my Home Assistant custom component and pushed an update with additional guards. I know that it's not officially supported and I appreciate the heads up.

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