DVR Beta Release Notes

Please could we have a forum post or similar for each dvr beta release - there have been quite a few releases on a daily basis and i have no idea what has changed or what i should be testing at the moment!


Where is beta change logs?

This is just getting ridiculous. Constant updates and never a scrap of information about what is being changed/modified/tested. I’m currently on 2.1.19.beta-v101042143. Could you please make some basic attempt to provide this information?

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Beta release notes are included with the beta in TestFlight. TestFlight also provides a history of builds song with their notes.

You do indeed provide good notes with most test flight release. I love them as they give me insights into behaviors I’m seeing and where to poke.

I believe the point of this particular thread was the DVR Server updates not the App. I agree testflight gives good hints what’s going on under the hood. Would be great to get similar notes on the server side. Just exposing the same kind of notes for the server side in the dvr UI or here would be a great way to solve it by me.

Also could we get an auto update setting that just schedules a check and take the beta updates on the dvr side automatically?

Thanks for always striving for better! You folks are fantastic!

1 Like is that helpful for non-iOS and non-tvOS users? I have two Shield TV’s running the Channels DVR app. Providing release notes for betas should be a given.

Yes, fortunately Apple's tools provide a way to communicate beta changes, so we utilize the existing tools. As a small team, tools like these are helpful for us. Especially since they're attached to the beta distribution system.

Since Google does not provide the same kind of support we've not created a greenfield new process or location for beta notes for Android TV betas. In the future we'll figure out a good way to get these notes published and available for viewing.

Most fixes to the Android TV beta are communicated on the threads where the issues were originally reported. We've done that for a while and has worked fine. As we grow, and the community grows, we'll figure out a better way to do this.

Is there a link to where the beta changes are noted for the sever?
How does one sign up for beta channel?
How "beta" is it? Like unstable nighly builds, or actual beta, or release canadite status?

Ill take the lack of a reply that there is no change log for beta?
Or i'm blind and cant find the thread for it....

There's no central location for the pre-release's notes for Channels DVR Server. Fixes are generally communicated on the threads where the issues are brought up.

Any major feature additions usually get their own threads for discussion.

That...doesn't make much sense.
The update pulls from same URL does it not?

There does not appear to be but a couple at most devs working on this software..
SO any changes made to code, and any new builds made, should be dumb easy to notate changes in a change log/code commit thing. It like a requirement for things like Github far as i been told. If a software dev or programmer does not note changes/updates they make and keep well structured and detailed comments in the code, that is sloppy/lazy and can soon make it very unmanageable for anyone else that ends up working on the code. (my super strict computer programmer instructor from my college days would not be happy..lolz) How would u the dev, even keep track or remember if you fixed or changed something already, or so that one person doesn't mess with something else another has coded.... if you don't keep track.

One thing that is great about Emby (my previous used software), the few devs on that post each change or modifications easy to see, even on beta version. This is something Channels really needs to improve upon. It is not that hard and is pretty much a most basic of things for any software productions.

There's no central location for the pre-release's notes for Channels DVR Server

Sorry about that typo.

Of course we know what changed. What I'm explaining is that there's no central location that we publish these notes anywhere at the moment.

If you're weary of what is included in the pre-release, feel free to stay on the general release, it has fully documented release notes.

As explained in the past, the pre-release is generally just bug fixes related to issues brought up in these forums. The issues are generally very specific the to user that has brought them up. When we solve them, we post back to the thread and ask them to update to the newest pre-release.

The pre-release is not a beta, and not treated as such. It's a release that allows us to solve issues for users very fast and get it in their hands very fast, all without having to do a full roll-out to every Channels fan.

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A sticky/pinned thread is a good central location...there is the solution that that issue/

But what is "them"??? I just updated to 2020.01.27.0055 and i see a new "Local Content" section.....surprise!!! i have no idea what that is. But having a sticky thread of changes would tell me at least something of what to expect before i update, or help me decide to update or not.

U are saying, u expect users to have to read and follow every thread on here of a user having an issue of any sort, and find buried in there somewhere, maybe, that u make some sort of change or fix in the build. That, have u thought, such a change could affect or cause a new issue for some other user that updated, but has no idea that something or what was changed, so they then report an issue that then u have to chase down......sounds like a big waste of time and is very inefficient. And frustrating to the user.

If you keep achangelog for the cumulative stable release versions, then there is no reason those same change notes can not be posted after each change in the pre-release versions as they increment.

It is really not that hard, takes like 10 secs to copy/paste build number, and type a few quick lines #xyz issue was changed in a sticky thread. and it is common practice for even software that has nightly even hourly builds....take a look at Emby server github and see how they do it.

Then why is the tags on here labeled as "DVR Beta"?? Why is this section where these "pre-release" versions are mainly discussed titled "Beta Community"?

Not trying to be mean or flamey....i just don't understand your distain and rejection for keeping a public changelog for your "pre-release" builds.

We've been writing software for a very long time and understand how to communicate things very well. As I've said, we don't consider the pre-release a public beta.It does not get published with a regular schedule. It exists to fix bugs for specific users that are having issues. Think of it like a hot fix. We make the fix, roll it out, and then ask them to update. This way users with weird bugs can get them fixed right away without us having to roll out a full upgrade to every single user, none of which usually have the unique problem.

We release pre-releases multiple times per day. Once there are many changes in the pre-release, we then decide when a public release should ship out. We release that with a full change log.

As for the Imports feature you found, as I said earlier, when there is a new feature on our pre-releases, we open a thread about it for discussion.

Again, if you are concerned with running software without detailed notes, we suggest you stay on the normal dvr release.

every hot fix, no matter how often a build is made, for every software i have used in the last 30yrs, has a changelog. just saying....

How do u get back on the normal release once you have pressed and held the update button?

The DVR server regularly checks for stable releases, and will auto-update to the latest stable release. Even if you are on a prerelease, you will be automatically updated to the stable release when it is available.

Thats good to know, but does not answer the question you quoted.
I gather there is no easy way to downgrade the server then?

You didn't specify.

If you wish to downgrade, you can stop the server. Then go into its directory (the parent directory of the data folder) and change the latest link to point to the version you wish to go back to. Now start the server back up, and you're all set.

I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but you are coming across a bit harsh. While I would like a change log too, it is only because I am excited to see how the Devs are improving the product. I think they have been very fair with their explanation here though. More than you would get from most developers.


The exactly why most of us here want to see what active changes are being done and be informed. No such posts or visible developmental progress shows a product this is not actively being developed or supported. Case in point, the devs that do Emby, or Ubiquiti or Merlin Asus firmware, to the Download Manager I use or apps on my phone, all produce changelogs with each build (release, P.R, Beta, Alpha)....its an industry standard practice. (Google also now is enforcing dev changelogs in the app descriptions)

It kinda is like i load up today's local news feed and all that is there is "some news happened to day." and that is it. It may or may not be relevant to me what is reported, but I still want the ability to decide that for myself.

It is your opinion to call a simple criticism and suggestion for improvement as "harsh", or something so simple, but yet important to most anyone like me who now rely on this software.

I do appreciate the further explanation given... but it sounds more like an excuse to me. I have expressed my opinion on that, and I am sure others woudl be far more "harsh" then i am apparently am being.

It also is kinda rude, imo, to have ignored the post for 17 days. In one of the posts this is said by the dev "As we grow, and the community grows, we'll figure out a better way to do this." But it does not sound like they are listening very well to me, at least on this specific topic.