DVR Beta Release Notes

Please could we have a forum post or similar for each dvr beta release - there have been quite a few releases on a daily basis and i have no idea what has changed or what i should be testing at the moment!

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Where is beta change logs?

This is just getting ridiculous. Constant updates and never a scrap of information about what is being changed/modified/tested. I’m currently on 2.1.19.beta-v101042143. Could you please make some basic attempt to provide this information?

Beta release notes are included with the beta in TestFlight. TestFlight also provides a history of builds song with their notes.

You do indeed provide good notes with most test flight release. I love them as they give me insights into behaviors I’m seeing and where to poke.

I believe the point of this particular thread was the DVR Server updates not the App. I agree testflight gives good hints what’s going on under the hood. Would be great to get similar notes on the server side. Just exposing the same kind of notes for the server side in the dvr UI or here would be a great way to solve it by me.

Also could we get an auto update setting that just schedules a check and take the beta updates on the dvr side automatically?

Thanks for always striving for better! You folks are fantastic!

1 Like is that helpful for non-iOS and non-tvOS users? I have two Shield TV’s running the Channels DVR app. Providing release notes for betas should be a given.

Yes, fortunately Apple's tools provide a way to communicate beta changes, so we utilize the existing tools. As a small team, tools like these are helpful for us. Especially since they're attached to the beta distribution system.

Since Google does not provide the same kind of support we've not created a greenfield new process or location for beta notes for Android TV betas. In the future we'll figure out a good way to get these notes published and available for viewing.

Most fixes to the Android TV beta are communicated on the threads where the issues were originally reported. We've done that for a while and has worked fine. As we grow, and the community grows, we'll figure out a better way to do this.

Is there a link to where the beta changes are noted for the sever?
How does one sign up for beta channel?
How "beta" is it? Like unstable nighly builds, or actual beta, or release canadite status?