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I've been using channels DVR since pretty close to the beginning. Overall I like the direction it's gone, but I have noticed something recently that seems like a regression. I can't seem to find any way to specify what channel a recording will happen on when there are more than one option. I used to be able to do this as an option but it doesn't seem to be there anymore.

Most of the time this isn't really important, but in one case it seems like Channels is picking the station that's further away, and that generally has a weaker signal for recordings. It still seems to come in pretty clearly and I haven't had huge problems with the recordings from that channel, but I would prefer to specify and tell Channels to use the other station that I'm pretty certain will get even better signal.

Or at last I think it's picking the other one. The scheduled recordings tab shows it picking one of the two CW stations, but I don't actually know which channel it picks when it does the recording. I seem to recall the specific channel that was recording being something we could see in our recordings tab before, but that doesn't seem to be there anymore either.

So basically I guess I'm asking if there's any way to specify for season passes or individual recordings which channel to use, and I'm also wondering about how Channels makes its decision about which to use when there's more than one option. Finally, is there anywhere to look to see what channel as specific recording came from?

(Just to give more concrete information in my case I'm mostly wondering why it seems to be picking the Baltimore CW station 54.1, over the DC CW station 50.1).

If you favorite a station on the dvr web UI, it will be preferred for recordings.

You can also edit the pass on the web UI, and enter the channel number you want to use for that pass. This feature is currently only on the web UI.

So, I have favorited the station I would prefer (and not the other one), but, at least if I look at "upcoming recordings" it still seems to list the other one for the next recording. Future recordings (of this show and all other CW shows) list both stations, which presumably means it hasn't decided which to use yet?

As for where to specify the channel... Huh, I was just looking in the webUI and I didn't see where to do that, but now that I'm looking again I do see it. It's pretty obvious too. Not sure how I missed that before! Anyway, glad it's there, and thanks for making me go look again!

Update to the latest dvr by click and hold on the Check for Update button. That fixes the ordering of the channel numbers in the Schedule to reflect the priority that will be used.

Thanks! Updating now! Can I ask, what's the deal with having to click and hold? As opposed to just clicking to check for a new version (which didn't get me this new version)?

Click-and-hold is for pre-release versions, i.e. beta testing.

Gotcha! Thanks!

Well, I can confirm that it does in fact reorder the stations to show the priority! Thanks!

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