DVR config backup/restore

I am installing a new DVR on a different platform. How can I import all the settings and passes from the old DVR into the new one?

By reading the manual.

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Thanks, it is here - Channels Support - How do I move Channels DVR Server to a new computer?
Extra points for pointers on how to read the database directly.

If you ever bothered to look:

There are several projects referenced to view the databases.


If you ever bothered to look

I did but it seemed like an old version.

According to this the backup should be taken before disabling DVR. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Race condition - Wikipedia

So, you think I should disable the service, then take its backup, which could lead to a wonky status, since the service I need to create the backup is no longer running?

Thank the deities above you have no say in reality ...

Why would taking a backup of a disabled service result in a wonky status? Doing it on a running service is more likely to cause trouble and also result in the backup being incomplete. Why do I have to explain such obvious things? :joy:

The backup is a consistent snapshot, and can only be taken when the engine is active. If you follow the instructions they will work.

You could just copy the database since it is not in use without making a backup. I am guessing these extra precautions are to prevent users from shooting themselves in the foot in case they try to copy the database while it is in use.