DVR Created Duplicate Recording, Then Crashed

Hello Channels Community,

I recently downloaded the DVR to give it a try given the various fussiness I have been dealing with using Plex. Everything with the setup went super smooth which was great, however, after adding a few show passes one of them ended up adding itself twice (I noticed it when looking the list over after I added some shows). Thinking that maybe I did something wrong (however I didn't do it any different than the other shows which worked out fine) so I tried to delete one of the passes and when I did that the channels app on my Apple TV crashed out. Getting back into the app both passes were then deleted and re-adding the show worked as normal.

Has anyone else experienced this bug before? Is there anything I need to watch out for regarding how to set up DVR passes going forward? It was definitely a downer on what was otherwise a fairly smooth first night with the SW. Everything I read said Channels is supposed to "just work" and for the most part that has been true so far. However, running into a app crashing bug first thing wasn't a good first impression considering that type of behavior is what I was specifically trying to avoid given that this product has positioned itself as a premium offering...

I did submit the diagnostic logs via the ATV app and would appreciate any feedback from the support team. Thanks!

Thanks for reporting this.

It's super odd that it created it twice, there's numerous checks to ensure this doesn't happen. We'll look into it, as well as the delete crasher. It's true what people say, crashers aren't common. Our crash rate is about 0.1%, which is very very low. But some people are exceptional and find the sneaky bugs no one else has! :smile:

Beginners luck I guess :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting back to me, and let me know if I can provide any other useful information on the crash. Incidentally I decided to do a restore on my shield which required me to set up the server again. I did not run into the duplicate problem today when setting the passes back up so that’s good. Hopefully the rest of the trial month goes smoothly!