DVR Database

Having a problem with DVR. I suspect it related to how the path to the recordings are stored.

My server device has two netword interfaces (nVidia Shield) - one RJ45 hardwired Ethernet, and the other WiFi. Since the Shield is self-contained, it records just fine, depositing on the internal path designated in DVR Server settings. However, playback appears to read the path to the MPG from the DB. If the interface active on the Shield is not the same as the one at recording time, the playback fails. External apps still can find the MPG via SMB, but Channels wont play them. Could it be that the IP is part of the path *since the 2 different interfaces have 2 differnent IP addresses?

This could be easily addressed by a refresh DB option on the ADMIN Web page. Any thoughts?

IP address should not affect playback.

What exactly happens when you try to play? Is there an error message shown? What does it say?

Can you click Submit Diagnostics in the app under Settings > Player after seeing the error.

I deleted the app and reinstalled, since your server has no facility to refresh the db. When it occurs again, I'll screenshot it and submit diagnostics.

The database does not store any IP addresses, and there is no reason to "refresh" it.

If you submit diagnostics we can figure out what's actually going on and fix it.

If your shield is routinely switching network interfaces, you're going to run into problems with running clients. As once they discover your server, they expect that it's stable. If your network interface changes and the one the client was originally using goes away, it's not going to play.

I'd do what you can do keep your shield's networking stable.