DVR gets stuck on exit of long movies

When I watch long movies as I goto exit, the DVR hangs and will go back to the menu. Many times I have to leave the app and relaunch it. My storage is at 60% full. I have never had any playback or control issues prior.

Stuck on what device and platform?

I am using a raspberry pi setup with an external 2tb ssd

Yes but how are you watching the movies? What device and interface is getting "stuck on exit"?

I've been seeing this also, on a RP 4b running 2022.10.03.2116, a WD 4tb drive, and using an Apple Tv 4k 2nd gen. It hangs for a long time when the movie or whatever ends, but eventually exits back to the normal screen. They are all hardwired ethernet. It doesn't happen everytime, so I'm not sure why it started, but it definitely started only after 2022.10.03.2116 was downloaded and installed.

I too am using an apple tv 4k in this setup

Please see if changing Settings > Playback > Advanced for Audio or Video Driver makes any difference.

I changed the video to experimental and the audio to legacy. So far it seems to be working. I will keep testing.
Thank you

This did not work for me, so I changed it back to the defaults. Issue comes and goes a bit, so not sure what's causing it, except it only started at the latest stable release for the RP image

I noticed this last night again after watching a movie. The lag was about 10-15 seconds before it goes back to the menu screen. I hadn't seen it do this for a while. It's very random. I've never had it do that after watching a TV Show, only movies

Is it happening with specific audio codec like atmos?

No audio problems have occurred only video lagging after a long movie. It does not occur with tv shows

In my case, I don't think so. The movie last night it did it on is an MP4 with stereo only. I don't recall what the audio codec was the time it happened for that.

Like I said, it's been so random that I had never thought about bringing it up before until I saw this thread.

No audio issues, only video. Seems to be completely random, and especially so with much longer movies. It can happen to recordings, OR stuff I've imported in the "Imports" folder.

It almost appears to be some sort of caching issue maybe? Maybe the client "reads ahead" and holds video in a cache, and sometimes has issues with releasing it on exit?

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I had made some of the changes recommended and it seemed to work for a bit but now the lag and exit after long movies is even longer.

After one of these long exits, please submit diagnostics from the app and let us know.

The problem had gone away for a few weeks but is now back and lagging even further. In some cases I have to hard exit the app and restart it.

We’re you able to submit diagnostics from the app after this happened?

Has there been a solution for this issue. I’m still having crazy long exit times after watching a movie.

Is it possibly hanging while mode switching back out of hdr or a framerate change?