DVR Guide Data in Australia and New Zealand


To use Channels DVR in Australia, you must bring your own guide data in XMLTV format. The easiest way is by subscribing to HDHomeRun DVR service, which includes 14-day guide data via XMLTV API

The XMLTV data can be imported directly into Channels DVR automatically, by choosing the XMLTV > via HDHomeRun DVR Subscription option.


If Channels DVR says "no subscription", it means the SiliconDust server is not making XMLTV guide data available for your device.

Check your HDHomeRun DVR registration to ensure your device ID is associated with your subscription, or contact [email protected] for more help.

Alternative XMLTV guide sources

New Zealand

Unfortunately neither Channels DVR nor HDHomeRun DVR currently offers guide data for New Zealand.

Community maintained XMLTV files are available on NZXMLTV Freeview