DVR Guide data refreshes black-hole


Don't know if others are experiencing this and if it's TBE (To Be Expected), but when the guide data refreshes (about 9AM local time each day) I look at the DVR log and have noticed the following behaviour.

21 day (504hr) guide, being refreshed in 6 hr blocks

A 6-7 day black-hole from day 11-17or18 (no guide data retreived)

Each daily refresh gets;
10.25 day guide data (246 hrs) hours 1-246
6.25 day black-hole (150 hrs) hours 247-396
1 day guide data (24 hrs) hours 397-420
3 day black-hole (84 hrs) hours 421-504

and last 6 of 21 days in web ui guide from 6pm-9pm (prime time) are usually blank has guide listings for 14 days, I'm not sure what part of the Channels 21 day guide we're getting beyond the first 10 days? I'm sure there's a reason for why it does what is does, but I don't know the reason.

I realize that a lot can change in 21 days, so maybe this was all thought out before I even started using Channels?


This is fixed in 2019.04.28.2113. The next 14 days of data is now reloaded every morning. We do not appear to be getting data beyond day 16 anymore, so the DVR won't try to load 21 days of data.


Thank You


Have been getting consistent 16 - 16.5 day guide refreshes every day since, no issues.