DVR Issue with One HDHR Channel

When I record from one of my OTA channels, the DVR recording appears scrambled when attempting to play back over Apple TV or on my computer through the Channels DVR web interface. I can transfer the recording files from my NAS to the computer and play it back with no issues on the computer. This only happens on one OTA channel (HD5.1), the rest record fine. I can also view this channel live with no issues as well. I have rebooted the HDHR a few times, but don't understand what might be going on.

What software are you playing the recording with on your computer?

Can you upload a test recording to and give us a link

I was using Quicktime to view the file on a Mac computer. As requested, I've sent you a link to the video file.

Thanks. What kind of HDHR?

Can you click Submit Diagnostics in the app after trying to play the recording and seeing the issue.

I've sent the diagnostic log from the phone app. The HDHR is a Connect Quatro.

Thanks for the diagnostics.

I'm confused by the video file you uploaded. It has a .mov filename. The DVR recordings are all .mpg files.