DVR local content scanning doesn't seem to stop

I'm running the DVR app (v.2023.04.20.0310) on a QNAP 251+ and I noticed that the DVR settings page has started taking a long time to load in when navigated to, what used to be almost instant is now taking 30 seconds plus. This also seemed to affect the ability to connect to the DVR server from a variety of clients (iPad, Android TV, Android Phone), they would connect after multiple attempts but would sometimes get errors implying the DVR wasn't set up or couldn't be found until they eventually connected.
The only thing I can pick up on that would be causing the DVR to be slower is that there is almost always a scanning task running either 'Processing recently recorded files' or 'Scanning for /movies' or similar. I have added a few of my Plex library locations (which are present on the same server as the DVR install) as shared folders and these have worked happily for months if not years, and I don't add new files very often, so I'm not sure why the server keeps trying to scan these directories, and when it does try to scan it takes a long time even though nothing has changed.

I've tried removing all local content, and deleting all virtual channels. I no longer see the scanning tasks restarting all the time as expected. But I'm still regularly having connection problems from client to server. It takes multiple attempts clicking try again or manually entering the IP address, and it sometimes requires force quitting the app before the client app connects to the server. Once connected everything seems to work fine, but it's very frustrating and inconsistent